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Exotic is work in progress game where one will be able to complete many quests to unlock more of the world and create many things. Currently, a player can test out and find bugs in an alpha version where many of the basic mechanics have been implemented but not thoroughly tested. 

Also planned: Animals that will roam the world, a main town, resource automation, many, many more items, quests, and dialogue. I also want to add an option to play in French!

I also ask, since this is an early, very buggy version, that you fill out this form to report any issues or bugs you find within the game or the download.

This game is being created with the Unity game engine.


Learning to play is simple. WASD or arrow keys to move. Use scroll wheel or the numbers 1-5 to switch tools. The axe and pickaxe break things in the world by left-clicking them. Upon right clicking, the hoe plows the ground for cultivation and the hammer allows you to build buildings that can craft more complex resources. Press "E" to open your inventory and click on any one of the slots to see what you can do with that item. To repair your tools, craft a tool repair kit in the crafting table, and, while holding the tool you wish to repair, click on the tool repair station. This consumes one kit per operation.


  • The recipe for a windmill requires wool which is not obtainable at this time. Use the cheat key "C" to get some when you want the windmill. You will have to turn on cheats in the options.

All of the issues above are being fixed for the future so if you have any tips or ways to fix them, send them in with a bug report.


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Exotic_vA1.5.3.zip 19 MB
Exotic_vA1.5.4.zip 19 MB
Exotic_vA1.5.5.zip 19 MB
Exotic_vA1.5.6.zip 19 MB

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Lets just start out with this is a good game. The game has a lot of potential and is has a strong base. I can tell that you care for the game and know where it is going. That is basically all I have to say for now so cheers.